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If you wish to keep your car, in Merano there are numerous designated parking areas available (some of them are free). However, please remember that parking is only allowed in these specially marked areas.

Parking in the historic center

The parking areas are marked with colored lines. Below are the general rules:

The blue-marked parking spaces along the streets and squares in Merano are subject to charges from Monday to Saturday, from 08:00 to 19:00. Please purchase a parking ticket from the nearby ticket machine and display it clearly on the windshield. Note: the white-marked parking spaces in the center are not free but reserved for specific categories of people (e.g., residents).

Merano free parking

Free parking in Merano

The following parking areas are paid:

If you book a vacation apartment with us, we will fully reimburse your parking expenses if you choose not to pay for them.

The most important address if you want to park your vehicle for free in Merano is at the main train station. This spacious parking lot provides enough space, even for campers. Attention: please pay attention to the signage, as the parking is partially closed on Tuesdays (for the farmer's market) and completely closed on Fridays (for the weekly market).


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Another significant option for free parking in Merano is located at the Untermais train station, where ample free parking spaces are available for train travelers. Attention! The parking lot is closed daily at 10:30 PM.

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Are there free parking options in Merano?

Yes, there are some free parking areas in Merano. The main train station and Untermais train station offer free parking for visitors.

What amenities are available at the Terme Parking?

The Terme Parking offers a covered parking lot with approximately 560 parking spaces and some electric vehicle charging stations.

Can I park my camper at the main train station?

Yes, the main train station provides ample space, including accommodations for campers.


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