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The parking situation in Bressanone, in South Tyrol, can be a bit confusing. In the historical and city center areas, it is often challenging to find a parking spot due to the high number of visitors and residents. Fortunately, there are also free parking opportunities in Bressanone that allow residents and visitors to leave their vehicles safely and without any additional costs.

Parking in the historic center

Parking in the center of the old city can be quite challenging. The narrow streets and limited parking spaces make it difficult to find a spot for your vehicle.

It is important to be aware that many areas of the old city are closed to traffic to protect pedestrians and preserve the historic environment.

If you plan to park in the old city, it is advisable to arrive early, especially during the main season from mid-June until the end of September.

In the old city, there are some public parking lots that can offer quick and uncomplicated access to the city center:

The map shows the main parking areas in Bressanone. Most of the parking lots are located near the city center, in the northern part of the city.

Bressanone free parking

If you choose to book a vacation apartment with us, we will fully reimburse all parking expenses.

Free parking in Bressanone

In Bressanone, there are some options for free parking. Here are some choices:

There are also a few limited free parking spaces in the center of Bressanone, but they tend to fill up quickly. You may need to pay for longer parking periods. Therefore, it's recommended to do some research in advance or contact the local tourist office or parking guidance system for information about current parking possibilities.


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Are there any free parking areas in Bressanone?

Yes, there are some free parking areas available in Bressanone. The Millan Parking offers up to 2 hours of free parking, while the Valle d'Isarco Parking and Lido Parking provide free parking without time limits.

What are the peak seasons when parking is particularly difficult?

Parking can be more difficult to find during the main season from mid-June until the end of September, as there are more visitors and tourists in the area.

Are there any parking restrictions in the old city center?

Yes, many areas in the old city center are closed to traffic to preserve the historic environment and prioritize pedestrian safety.


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